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Music Of Crete Review by Petros Lazarou (GR)

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Μουσική της Κρήτης

FM Records

"Δηλώνω χωρίς κανένα ενδοιασμό ότι όποτε ακούω την κρητική λύρα του Ross Daly με πλημμυρίζουν χιλιάδες συναισθήματα και εικόνες. Αυτό το φανταστικό παίξιμο του Ross δεν σε φέρνει απλά σε επαφή με την κρητική μουσική όπως επιθυμεί ο ίδιος με το δίσκο αυτό, αλλά σε γεμίζει με αισιοδοξία ότι η παραδοσιακή μουσική δεν είναι "μουσείο" όπως διατείνονται πολλοί στις μέρες μας. Αλλά είναι μια αστείρευτη τρεχάμενη πηγή που καλεί όποιον θέλει κοντά της για να δροσιστεί, μακρυά από μεμψιμοιρίες και γκρίνιες.

Ross Daly & Labyrinth, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

by Chris Williams

The group opened the proceedings with an original arrangement of an Azerbaijan folk song led by Daly on the rabab. This lute, which is rather like the Indian sarod, has a deep, melancholy voice exactly suited to the yearning mode of this song.

Jerusalem International Oud Festival
By Eyal Hareuveni
The Ninth Jerusalem International Oud Festival
Jerusalem, Israel
November 20-December 4, 2008
The ninth edition of the Jerusalem International Oud festival predated the current, painful Middle-Eastern round of hostilities in a month, but still offered a much better alternative to the local leaders' militant vision for this region.
In the Labyrinth of Ross Daly’s music

In the Labyrinth of Ross Daly's music
By Eleni Kallimopoulou
Sitting down to write a brief presentation on Ross Daly, my friend and teacher, I wonder which aspects of his work might be meaningfully foregrounded in a context such as that of WOMEX.

Paddighton Church Concert review

Ross Daly And Friends
Reviewed by John Shand - March 19 2003

Paddington Uniting Church, March 13.
World music has always been an ineffectual and patronising term. Yet here it had a glimmer of new meaning as Ross Daly and Friends took us on a journey into a new world - even for those with some knowledge of eastern European and Middle Eastern music.

Eleftherotypia review (by N.Papadakis)

Τριάντα χρόνια εμπειρίας
Σε ήχο ελληνικό
Ross Daly: Μουσική της Κρήτης
Παραγωγή: FM Records

Music of Crete (in Greek, Difono magazine)

Μουσική της Κρήτης
FM Records

Τριάντα χρόνια βρίσκεται στην Ελλάδα και μελετάει τη μουσική της Κρήτης, αλλά και της ευρύτερης Μεσογείου, ο Ross Daly.Ο Ιρλανδός μουσικός που γοητεύτηκε τόσο πολύ από τα χρώματα και τον ήλιο της Κρήτης, ώστε "ξέχασε" την πατρίδα του, μια χώρα με πολύ μεγάλη μουσική παράδοση. Ποιός, λοιπόν, είναι πιο κατάλληλος για να συστήσει-ακόμα και σε μας τους Έλληνες - τη μουσική του νησιού;Μία μουσική, που, σε αντίθεση με την παράδοση των περισσότερων περιοχών της χώρας, παραμένει ζωντανή και γόνιμη.

Microkosmos (fRoots magazine)

Microcosmos means literally "Small World", and this CD represents an attempt to explore the possibilities of a small group of musicians rather than the large orchestra Daly has favoured of late. In such a project the personalities of the musicians are of paramount importance and there is no mistaking the distinctive stamp of Bijan Chemirani (prercussion), Kelly Thoma (lyra), Dimitris Psonis (santour), Haris Lambrakis (ney), Balake Sissoko (kora) and Daly himself.

Kin-Kin Review from Holland

Ross Daly - Kin Kin
It is rather striking that an Irishman has drawn international attention to the folk music of Crete. The man in question ,Ross Daly , at one time traveled in the direction of the Middle East to educate himself in the playing of various different plucked instruments .


Ross Daly's News

(02/24/15) “7Fish” new cd by Kelly Thoma

If music is an endless ocean of possibilities, this collection is but 7 one. Eight new compositions by Kelly Thoma rising from the depths of the ocean of music. Influenced by various modal traditions, Kelly and eleven exceptional musi...
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(09/26/14) The Other Side

After a long pause from recording, Ross Daly presents us with his new, self-released album, entitled “The other side” (August 2014). Featuring some of his closest collaborators of the past 10 years, the album is comprised of nine original composi...
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(02/06/10) “Anamkhara” by Kelly Thoma

Kelly Thoma's debut album entitled "Anamkhara" has been recently released. The word Anamkhara derives from the Irish Gaelic language and means "friend of the soul". ...
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(11/03/09) Ross Daly Seminar at Labyrinth

Ross Daly Music Group Seminar at Labyrinth Musical Workshop December 3-8, 2009 register at tel: 00302810741027   ...
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