Ross Daly Trio


Ross Daly, together with Kelly Thoma (lyra) and Giorgos Manolakis (laouto, vocals) will present a selection of their most recent as well as of older compositions from their unique and original repertoire of Contemporary Modal Music.


labyrinthlargeA musical experience with the time machine built up by Ross Daly and his workshop "Labyrinth". One of the most active and creative musicians of the world initiates us to his music which connects us with the natural current of ancient traditional music and the most sophisticated expectations of the contemporary listeners.

Ross Daly Quartet

DalyThe Ross Daly Quartet is a smaller but very versatile version of Labyrinth which performs his repertoire with new orchestrations.

In this group special emphasis is laid on the use of two bowed instruments together (sometimes two lyras, sometimes lyra and tarhu) played by Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma.

The Circle at the Crossroads


The music of Crete is one of Europe's most vibrant traditions and, strangely enough, it is also one of its least known. Crete, due to its singularly central geographical location has absorbed influences from both East and West for literally thousands of years and its music reflects this unique synthesis.

Ross Daly / Yurdal Tokcan / Zohar Fresco / Kelly Thoma

yurdal_tokcanRoss Daly and Kelly Thoma join forces with two of the foremost virtuosi of the Eastern Mediterranean: Yurdal Tokcan, Turkey's leading oud player, and Zohar Fresco, a unique percussionist from Israel of Turkish origin.  


seyir1The ensemble Seyir is a production by the Labyrinth Workshop and a variation of the Labyrinth Modal Ensemble which especially emphasizes the interplay between the Turkish and Greek musical traditions. Most of the material is composed by the musicians themselves as they are all recognized and respected composers in their own right.  

Labyrinth Modal Ensemble


The Labyrinth Modal Ensemble is a new production by the Musical Workshop Labyrinth which includes some of the world's foremost artists in the realm of modal music with a special emphasis on new works composed especially for the ensemble.

White Dragon

whitedragonThis seemingly unlikely combination is certainly one of the most interesting to have appeared in recent years.

he meeting points for these very different traditions are found in obscure and unexpected ways and are the result of the personal creativity and interaction of all involved.


Ross Daly establishes the meeting point for the most renowned artists of Persian, Indian and Greek music: Hamid Khabazi, Pedram Khavar-Zamini, Dhruba Ghosh, Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, along with the Greek virtuosi Vassilis Rakopoulos, Kelly Thoma, Giorgis Xylouris. Ross Daly and his friends send their message of peace and share their love for music by creating a musical rainbow ...

Labyrinth-Trio Chemirani

Djamchid_ChemiraniRoss Daly and Djamchid Chemirani have been playing together for 15 years now and Ross Daly considers Djamchid to be one of the most important influences on his own musical work.

During these years Ross has seen Djamchid's sons come of age and mature into first class musicians in their own right, and Djamchid has seen Ross' students develop in the same way.

Labyrinth with Afghan and Iranian musicians

afghaniran_smallThis project started in 2003 in Houdetsi, Crete. It is a meeting of the musical traditions of Afghanistan, Iran and Crete. The traditions of Afghanistan and Iran have an obvious connection which goes back many centuries.


1_smallLabyrinth first came into contact with the group Stellamara through the Canadian cellist Rufus Cappadocia, who had worked with Ross Daly previously and was one of the soloists in his three part work Synavgeia which was released in 1995.

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Ross Daly's News

(02/24/15) “7Fish” new cd by Kelly Thoma

If music is an endless ocean of possibilities, this collection is but 7 one. Eight new compositions by Kelly Thoma rising from the depths of the ocean of music. Influenced by various modal traditions, Kelly and eleven exceptional musi...
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(09/26/14) The Other Side

After a long pause from recording, Ross Daly presents us with his new, self-released album, entitled “The other side” (August 2014). Featuring some of his closest collaborators of the past 10 years, the album is comprised of nine original composi...
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(02/06/10) “Anamkhara” by Kelly Thoma

Kelly Thoma's debut album entitled "Anamkhara" has been recently released. The word Anamkhara derives from the Irish Gaelic language and means "friend of the soul". ...
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(11/03/09) Ross Daly Seminar at Labyrinth

Ross Daly Music Group Seminar at Labyrinth Musical Workshop December 3-8, 2009 register at tel: 00302810741027   ...
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