Gőksel Baktagir

gokselBorn in Kırklareli in 1966. Began his music education at the age of eight, under the supervision of his father Muzaffer Baktagir. Graduated in 1988 from ITU State School Of Art For Turkish Music where he was registered in 1983. A year later, he started his graduate study at the same school. Göksel Baktagir, who began to compose during his studentship in the consercvatory, has a hundred and forty compositions; thirty-five vocal and a hundred and five intrumental art-works. Baktagir has been studying on the "left hand" technique that is unique to him since 1984 along with other techniques in the performance of tehe zither. Recognized as one of the leading artists of our time, in traditional performance of the zither, he evaluated all opportunities and limits of the instrument, which is originally a Turkish music instrument and broadened in giving superb Works in some genres such as New Age and Jazz and gave concerts with various western Jazz Groups. Along with his primal appointment in State Turksh Music Group of İstanbul, he also performs in İstanbul Fasıl Group and İstanbul Sufi Music Group. He participated in "International Rabat Festival"in Morocco and. "Baş Çarşı Festival"in Sarajevo and carried out 7 Cd and casette Works. In the recent years, he gave lectures in Mimar Sinan University State School of Art. He is giving lectures in Haliç University.



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(02/24/15) “7Fish” new cd by Kelly Thoma

If music is an endless ocean of possibilities, this collection is but 7 such...plus one. Eight new compositions by Kelly Thoma rising from the depths of the ocean of music. Influenced by various modal traditions, Kelly and eleven exceptional musi...
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(09/26/14) The Other Side

After a long pause from recording, Ross Daly presents us with his new, self-released album, entitled “The other side” (August 2014). Featuring some of his closest collaborators of the past 10 years, the album is comprised of nine original composi...
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(02/06/10) “Anamkhara” by Kelly Thoma

Kelly Thoma's debut album entitled "Anamkhara" has been recently released. The word Anamkhara derives from the Irish Gaelic language and means "friend of the soul". ...
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(11/03/09) Ross Daly Seminar at Labyrinth

Ross Daly Music Group Seminar at Labyrinth Musical Workshop December 3-8, 2009 register at info@labyrinthmusic.gr tel: 00302810741027   ...
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