Labyrinth-Trio Chemirani
Ross Daly and Djamchid Chemirani have been playing together for 15 years now and Ross Daly considers Djamchid to be one of the most important influences on his own musical work. During these years Ross has seen Djamchid's sons come of age and mature into first class musicians in their own right, and Djamchid has seen Ross' students develop in the same way.

It is only natural that they should all meet together within the context of a musical program which has a very special personal significance for each and every one of them. The rapport amongst the musicians in these concerts is quite unique and cannot be achieved in any other way, something which is immediately apparent to the audiences who have attended these concerts.


Μusicians: click on the names and view photos and bios
Djamchid Chemirani (zarb)
Bijan Chemirani (zarb,daff)
Keyvan Chemirani (zarb, bendir, udu)
Ross Daly (Cretan lyra, rabab, saz, tarhu)
Haris Lambrakis (ney)
Kelly Thoma (Cretan lyra)
Periklis Papapetropoulos (saz, laouto)
Stelios Petrakis (Cretan lyra, saz, laouto)
Angelina Tkatcheva (santour)

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